How to Find Commercial Property


So you’ve got your business up and running and things are going better than expected. You realize that it’s time to expand, but just how do you go about finding the perfect office space for your needs?

You must remember to take your time, rushing into leasing an office space could cost you more in the long-run. That also means planning ahead is essential. The more time you give yourself to look the clearer your head will be when making decisions instead of feeling the urgency of needing to rent an office space now.

In some places you may be able to drive around and see “for lease” signs. If you can contact the person leasing the space you may be able to negotiate a better deal because the lessor saves on not having to pay commission fees.

Some other tried and true ways of finding available office space is searching Craig’s List. One of the benefits of using Craig’s List is that most of the listings are posted by individuals. If the landlord is able to lease their space without using a realtor then those savings might be passed on to you.

Local Newspapers usually have a section for listing by realtors and/or individuals, but keep in mind the potential savings that a single person gains in not having to pay commission fees. Do not be afraid to negotiate a better rate.

LoopNet is a nation-wide online commercial real estate service. The site lets you search by city, state, or zip code so see office spaces that may be for sale or for lease.

Never forget that something as doing an internet search using specific keywords could prove to be beneficial. Some common phrases to use may include:
               “city state office space for lease”
               “city state office space for rent”

Again, be sure to give yourself enough time to begin the search. Look at a variety of places and compare prices. Word of mouth also travels very far, and is often times reliable. Ask family and friends if they know of any office spaces for lease.